Club History

Team Sober MCC was formed in 1989 by a small group of like-minded friends and motorcycle riders from East Leeds and South Leeds.

The first meeting was held at the Commercial, Sweet Street and the name Team Sober was given to us by a group of lads from Brighouse who sometimes called themselves Team Sober.

Being mostly small drinkers it was decided to have a newt as our logo and the words ‘Pissed as a Newt’ on our t-shirts and patches. Pissed as a Newt has now come off the club patch and has been replaced simply with ‘Member’.

The first rally attended as a club was ‘The Fly in the Eye Rally’ at Brotherton. This was run by Kirkthorn & District.

Membership of Team Sober MCC grew rapidly to over 150 members which always gave the club a good turnout at rallies and a good few Club Turnout Trophies.

We moved to the Shaftesbury on York Road as our regular meeting place. Over the years we have resided in many pubs such as the White Horse on York Road, The Palace, The Crown and The Dock Green although we always seemed to return to the Shaftesbury but never again as it’s gone now. For a while we also met at the the Dog and Gun on York Road, Leeds.

After a few years at Richmond Hill Community Club (previously Yorkshire Rider Social Club) we met at Yorkshire Amateurs Football Club, and then West Leeds Sports and Social Club. See About Us for more details.

We also co-ran a 3 T’s Xmas Party Rally with Tea Folk and Team Tankard in the early years. More recently we have held 5 Gemober Party/Rallies with GEMCC between 2005-2009 which went out with a bang! 2015 saw the 25th anniversary of our ‘Pissed as a Newt Rally’ and we also hold a second rally on the weekend nearest St. George’s Day called the ‘Newt in Shining Armour’.

We are a family club with members from all walks of life and with lots of different views and opinions on life for which everyone is respected. It goes without saying that the main passion between all members is our love of motorcycles, trikes, riding and, of course, partying. This transcends everything else!

Currently we are supporting the Yorkshire Air Ambulance – for more information on how we help please visit the website of our annual live charity fundraising event SoberFest for up to date information.