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MND Head Shave at Pissed As A Newt

From our member Lisa: “Last November I lost my mum to a cruel disease called Motor Neurone Disease. I watched my mum go from a feisty independent woman to bed ridden with no voice in a matter of months, it broke my heart. Not a lot is known about MND so every penny raised helps with research and making the lives of sufferers a bit more comfortable…there is NO CURE.”

At our Pissed as a Newt Rally Saturday 15th July, club member Peter Evans raised £419.60 in aid of the Motor Neuron Disease Association by very bravely allowing one of our guests to cut off his prized plait he had been growing for 25+ years followed by his daughter Sarah shaving the rest of his head!!!
Team Sober would like to thank everyone that donated to this very worthy cause, and I would personally like to thank Peter Evans for being so brave and Sarah Maven for doing such a grand job with the shaver!!!



Right folks, we r in the unique position of avin tickets left for this weekends festivities, you need to buy a ticket via and bring your confirmation with you. Hope to see you all tomorow!